Polyflip now supports WETH on Polygon

1 min readNov 9, 2022


Dear readers.
Almost 9 months ago Polyflip was launched in beta version.
Since then has become #1 Decentralized Casino on Polygon blockchain, reaching incredible results:

After reaching these important milestones, Polyflip has now introduced the support for ERC20 tokens. And it started with WETH!

WETH is the #1 Polygon ERC20 token in terms of holders with 1,300,00+ users detaining it in their wallets.
Every user can now play on Polyflip without needing to swap it into $MATIC, confident in using fair smart contracts secured by Chainlink VRF.

WETH on Polygon statistics

In the following months many other tokens will be supported by Polyflip, starting from the most adopted Stablecoins (USDC, USDT), together with other partners projects on the Polygon blockchain, which will be able to submit their applications through a dedicated form.

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