Polyflip DAO and general thoughts on Decentralization, P2C, DAOs and NFT integration in decentralized business models

3 min readFeb 3, 2022


The article purpose is to divulgate what Polyflip team thinks about important topics like the protocol identity, Decentralization and DAOs integrations with NFTs.
Undoubtedly, the concepts above heavily inspired Polyflip creation.
In fact, the project has its genesis marked by these Web 3.0 principles.


Decentralization and Smart contracts

It’s clear to everyone that Polyflip and decentralized applications like Polyflip, could not exist if there wasn’t smart contracts and decentralization.
This because when users interact with our application, they don’t interact with us neither with different entities.
These kind of interactions happen between the User (PEER) and the Smart Contract , and are called P2C (peer-to-contract). In traditional contracts structures we can distinguish two different “Peers”.
In smart contract there is no need for these two counterparties in the traditional sense, as actions happen between users and contracts, as already said, and this is what happens also for other Decentralized Exchange (DEX) protocols and Automated Market Maker (AMM).

This is what makes Polyflip different from other Gaming/Casino protocols, and that’s why becoming the house in this kind of business model became relatively easy.

Another important factor to consider, it’s the smart contract transparency and immutability; as long as Polygon blockchain will exist, Polyflip smart contracts will follow.
Even if our website hosting will no longer operate, every user would be always able to interact with the smart contract directly on the blockchain.

The same logics find applications for what concern the NFT holders.
As long as you will have Polyflip NFT in your wallet, you will always be able to get your rewards based on the total game volumes.
This will go on as long as Polygon blockchain will be up, no matters what happens to the team or to the other holders.

Polyflip DAO and NFTs integration

Along with decentralization and smart contracts, from many years, the hot topics have undoubtedly been DAO and NFTs.
The acronym DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
In simple terms we can describe a DAO like a group of people who makes decision, according to their voting power and voting criteria, about topics which involve the protocol development and strategy.
According to these definitions, it is easy to get to the conclusion that Polyflip has its main goal in creating a system governed by its NFT holders.
NFT ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards are great assets and make possibile and easy to keep track of Ownership and the benefits in terms of pratical applications/integrations.

Technical DAO integrations in Polyflip decision making process

Talking about Polyflip, every NFT holder will have decision power based on how many NFTs he/she holds in his/her wallet.
Voters decisions may relate to different topics:

  • Marketing purposes;
  • Incomes management;
  • Game mechanics and new games;
  • General project direction;

As soon as all NFTs will be minted and be in the holders wallet, Polyflip team will discuss about a technical DAO integration, exploring and choosing together the tools to launch, manage, and grow a DAO.
Examples for Governance and Voting tools can be Snapshot, Tally and Boardroom.

Final conclusions / TL;DR

Polyflip will see its success thanks to technologies that made it possible,
and to Polyflip NFT holders that power this entire ecosystem.
The team just created a concept, users give it life.

The Polyflip team




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